October - Mi'kmaq History Month

This past month at Sunstone we explored Mi'kmaq culture through literature, art and music. We learned about and made an eight pointed star; did you know that the eight-pointed star is often seen today coloured-in in four different colours: red, black, white and yellow? These four colours together represent harmony and unity between the four races of people. The four colours also represent the four directions – white represents north, black represents south, red represents east and yellow represent west.

Rita Joe was our Leader of the Month, we read her poem "I Lost My Talk" and read stories about the history of residential schools in Canada. We burned sweet grass and sage, and learned about the role of drumming and the drum making process.

It rained every Resilient Wednesday! We talked about the surging rivers, the role of water on the earth, we explored tree identification and we PLAYED! Each Wednesday we take a 1.5-2km hike and then enjoy some free play in the forest. We were lucky to have Halloween fall on a Wednesday this year, so we read "Room on the Broom" in the woods and then made our own broomsticks to fly on out of fallen branches we found on the forest floor.

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